Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days Hath September, April, June and ... Ah Dang.

November, November. I thought we were done. I broke up with you yesterday, all dramatic-like, on the interwebs, and you snuck back for one more day. I bid you farewell too soon.

Let's get back together. For one more day, at least.

November is a month for gratitude. And while I have mentioned a few things I am grateful for throughout the month, I will take this last day and mention 30 somethings (one for each day of the month) I am grateful for.
1. My health. I don't always feel great, but I am in pretty decent health, all things considered. I hate even saying it, because many people very close to me don't enjoy such great health, so it makes me feel a little guilty, actually, to be grateful for something that other people don't enjoy in large quantities. I like to think I can use that health to help other people who may not be so fortunate.
2. The perspective that the gospel brings into my life.
3. The gospel. Yes, I'm Mormon. And Christian. Those two things are NOT mutually exclusive.
4. A living prophet.
5. The scriptures.
6. Chocolate. Especially yummy dark chocolate.
7. Vitamins. I don't always do a great job of eating what's probably a proper amount of fruits/veggies in a day, so I'm grateful that there's a way to supplement what I lack on my own.
8. The atonement. I don't always do a great job of being perfect in a day, so I'm grateful that there's a way to supplement what I lack on my own.
9. Being stripped down to the minimum. This year has been a year of incredible change which has in turn led to incredible growth.
10. Being able to play sports. I love being part of a team.
11. Having an annual pass to Disneyland.
12. Computers.
13. Having an analytical mind.
14. A sense of humor. It may not be the same as yours, but it cracks ME up, and that matters.
15. Friends. I have some really awesome ones.
16. Modern technology.
17. Penicillin, and all things related to modern medicine.
18. My bed. I love my bed.
19. My cats. I love my cats. I do NOT generally love my cats on my bed, though.
20. Having a job.
21. Not being crazy. No, that's not subjective.
22. Having a car.
23. Health insurance.
24. My awesome family.
25. Talented people. I appreciate it when people prepare .... something .... a play, a musical, artwork, whatever -- so that other people can appreciate it. I'm a good appreciator.
26. Having talents of my own.
27. My iPhone.
28. Water.
29. Music.
30. Laughter.
31. Having a good home to come home to.

Take THAT, November.

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