Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Overheard in the Restroom

I walked into the restroom at work just in time to hear the tail end of this conversation:

"So, I had to use my hands."

"Oh my goodness! I hope you had gloves!"

"I did have some, thank goodness, or else it would have been such a mess!"

This made me laugh and laugh as I imagined the many scenarios those lines could apply to. I knew that I was being unfair since I came in at what was obviously the end of a story, and sure enough, being patient and listening paid off.

One of the women was telling the other, who used to be a hairdresser, about her recent dye-your-own-hair-at-home experience. The tools that came with the kit and apparently the instructions had somehow gotten lost, so she wasn't sure if she had the right dye:developer ratio, as well as having to use her own hands to mix and apply the dye.

Why? What were YOU thinking it was?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Color Pink

Pink is many things.

Pink is the opposite of green.

I wear a lot of pink because I have green eyes, so the contrast between pink and green makes my eyes stand out more.

Pink is the color of bubblegum.

Bubblegum is the color of a house in my town. It is VERY pink.

P!nk is one of my favorite artists. If she were coming to town, I would gladly pay the ticket price to go see that performance live.

Pink is the color associated with baby girls. But real men wear pink. Eh, *shrug* whatever. I prefer to not get trapped by gender color lines. After all, if I can wear blue (and do often!), then men should be able to wear pink. Real or otherwise.

Pink is many things. But here's a riddle for you: What's "pink" that isn't pink?

A "pink" slip. I know, because I got one not too long ago. Yes, that's right. My position has been eliminated. Maybe that's why the notice wasn't pink. It came in a gray folder. Gray = somewhere between black and white = kind of non-existent...? Maybe.

At any rate, change is being imposed on me, and that's okay. No, really! It's sad I didn't take more initiative to impose change on myself, but it's a good opportunity to go out and make myself more worthwhile somewhere else. Not more worthwhile, but more valued. I AM worthwhile, but management here hasn't utilized that worthwhile-edness to its fullest extent.

A new adventure will be starting soon at probably a different company. I have mixed feelings about that part of it. After 15 years with the same company there are definitely benefits to sticking around for as long as you can. But the position I really want out of all the ones I've interviewed so far is actually at a rival, cross-town company. Trading one rodent for another. Moving from a mouse trap to rabbit hunting. That would be the ideal scenario at this point. Wherever I land, it will be good. And even though I don't know WHERE I know it WILL happen, and that's what keeps me going.

Well, that and the nice pink shirt I've got on today!