Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Could Maybe Learn to Love This Lens After All

A couple of years ago I treated myself to a new lens for my camera and almost immediately hated it. I couldn't seem to get the exposure right, I didn't realize that the zoom feature was purely manual (if I wanted to get close to something, I have to physically move closer to it -- same thing if I need to get a long shot. This sounds okay in theory, but in practice, getting a quick shot is not always feasible since it requires more set up and thinking than a standard lens.), and the reason I got it was to do portraits, but it's not like I'm any sort of established photographer or anything, and people weren't exactly clamoring for me to take their picture with my nifty new lens.

Anyway, I got my camera out the other day for the first time in awhile, determined to prove (to myself) that I still know how to take pictures, and just to up the challenge even more, decided to use the new (hated) lens. And you know what? I did okay! I took the time to think about the camera settings in relationship to the lens, I checked the exposure after a couple of test photos, then started clicking away on a couple of unsuspecting subjects. Willing, yes, but the low expectations on all our parts really helped. Anyway, I came up with a few nice shots, and a couple that I'm particularly proud of. Here they are, just for bragging rights.

So I've got this nifty new lens that I'm learning to love. And the photographer taking the pics isn't too shabby either. Anyone want me to practice on them?

Woody's Day at the Park

I went to the park the other day with a friend and her kids. It had been an industrious to-do weekend at home, but it was time to get the kids outside and let them run around and get all the ants out of their pants. Besides being able to take some fun pictures of them playing on the tire swing, there was an unexpected photo op of a very famous character. (My apologies for the graininess - the light was low and I was using a telephoto lens.) I've been trying to think of a witty essay to write around this picture, but there are too many directions for me to go. So if anyone wants to write a good caption or story for it, I'm open to suggestions.

Meanwhile, here's the photo: