Monday, August 1, 2011

My World Through My Lens

My friend hosts a monthly fun photo submission...thingy. Not a contest, really, although there are bragging rights to be had. Each month she posts eight words and the participants take photos of their interpretation of those eight words.

I enjoy doing this -- it is a good motivation for me to take out my digital SLR and unstifle my creative side.

Since work has been so busy, it's been more difficult for me to make time to do this. The deadline for June's submission was looming and I still hadn't taken one photo. I knew there was no way it was going to happen in time, so I made do with the tools and locations I had available at my disposal. I was still able to be creative.

I probably don't need to point out that I did not win any bragging rights for these photos. I made the deadline, but that's about it.

The eight words were:

Here's my interpretation for each. What do you think?

"Trash." The women on my floor are apparently pigs. The restroom floor is littered with used paper towels they can't or won't put all the way into the bin. Slobs.

"Sky." This is my view of the "sky" for roughly nine and a half hours a day. Jealous?

"Shadow." No, it's not blurry.

"Music." This is where mine resides. I use this at work, or while I'm on my morning run, or while teaching exercise classes or while cleaning the house.

"Food." V8 and peanut M&Ms are generally on my daily menu.

"Door." No, this isn't one. That's the point. No door to my cube. My SHARED cube. I know that if I'm not careful all of you are going to want my job, aren't you!?!?

"Action." It's an action-packed movie.

"Ring." My personal favorite. Get it?