Monday, December 8, 2008

P.S. (To the answer to life, the universe and everything)

....Cim gave birth to a healthy, 4 mm stone that night at about 6:30. Yay! Both hostess and stone are doing well, though the hostess is much happier (and less drugged) now that the parasite is out of her body!

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

If you've ever read Douglas Adams, then the blog title will tell you how old I am as of last Saturday. If you haven't, then you can just go ahead thinking that I'm 27. Goodness knows I still do!

We were originally going to go horseback riding, but the pressure/kidney cooker that is Cim was working on another kidney stone. Needless to say, galloping about on an equine was out of the question for her, so we went with plan B instead -- mini golf and video arcade. Oh, and the batting cages too, but I was the only one who participated in that event. Linda and Lisa don't deal well with objects hurtling towards their faces, and on any other non-stone day, Cim would have joined me.

I'm not sure if I'm experienced, but I know I'm difficult, so I figured this was the right place for me!

Oh, yeah! Outta the park!

She doesn't look half bad for being on vicodin and fighting a kidney stone, does she?

Serious golfing in progress. Shhh! Don't disturb!

It's always easier to concentrate when the tongue is sticking out of the mouth. A 45* angle is best.

Lisa showing off that she got a HOLE IN ONE! Wooo! You go, girl!

Then she just thinks she's all that and a birdie too!

We were having issues with this one hole (only one!), and thought that a little cooperative golfing might help out.

Some unexpected visitors on the fairway.

More cooperative golfing. Just a little insurance policy.

When Cim grows up she wants to be a really big head!

Another hole in one, another show-off.

A little drift racing to finish off the day.

Even if I wasn't one of the "skilled" ones to get a hole in one, at least I did something good!

Linda was the only loser of the day. No hole in one, no high score, just a bruised cheek when she turned too suddenly into the solid concrete post. Whoops!

Thanks for a great birthday celebration, girls! Happy Birthday to me!