Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Swoop In Like a Seagull

I was having such a busy day on Monday, that it was beyond frustrating. There is only one me, but enough work on this project and in my regular duties to provide enough work for two or two and a half mes. Easily. The added workload makes it harder to leave work at work and is adding a fair amount of stress to my life.

So much stress, in fact, that I sometimes say things I shouldn't. Like the conversation I had with one of my more annoying consultants/contractors working for me on this project. He was there with his "team" supposedly to work, but since there were so many of them there, they were making more work for me, as opposed to actually accomplishing things. Or so it seemed at the time. I asked him when he was coming back to finish up their tasks, and he said not until Thursday. I said, "Wow, Russell. You're just like a seagull. You swoop in here, crap all over everything, and then leave."

I really need to master that whole "think before you speak" principle.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

I Call Dibs!

So I'm talking to my good friend Kay this morning. She has two children, ages two and 6 months. Both of them are adopted, which usually isn't important, but does come into play, so you need to know the backstory.

It's been interesting watching her go from a mom of one to a mom of two. One child is okay, but two are more than a handful. She's pretty clear on the fact that two is all she's going to have, not just because of the home management issues, but also because the agency they went through has a two kid per couple limit.

While we were talking today, she said something again about two being all she could handle. But then she quickly said, "Oh, I need to be careful about about saying that though, huh?"

"Well, sure, because you might adopt again."

"Yeah, we might adopt again. But also, I need to be careful because someone I know might get pregnant someday. Like if you ever get knocked up that's an ideal situation for me."

She speaks rapid-fire fast, each word blurring and blending into each other, so sometimes it takes me a second or two to catch up to what she's saying.

"So, let me get something straight. If I get knocked up that's ideal for you?"

"Well, yeah. You're my friend, so you know, free baby."

"Well, if I ever did get knocked up, there's no way I'm giving the baby to you."

"Why not? YOu don't think you'd want to hear me on the phone all the time, 'Laura, stop hitting your brother! Laura, stop setting the house on fire! Laura, put your sister down and go to your room!' You don't think you'd want to listen to that all the time?"

"Well, right. I mean, no offense, I know you're a great mom and all, but, I'd have to give up my friendship with you if you're going to raise my kid, because I couldn't handle seeing it all the time and it wouldn't be mine anymore.

"Huh. (Making weighing motion with hands.) Give up my friendship with Laura or free baby. Friendship with Laura, free baby."

"Oh no, no, no my friend. You're not getting this kid for free from me! It'll cost you....thirty-thousand dollars."

"Thirty thousand! Man, for that much, you'd better be sleeping with Pierce Brosnan then."