Friday, November 11, 2011

This Week...So Far

I fear I am not going to make my goals this week of running (practicing!) as often as I should. I should have run yesterday morning, but decided to use the extra hour for some much-needed sleep instead. Work ended up being crazy/busy beyond belief. I worked almost 11 hours straight without a break. Lunch was eaten standing up and walking around -- helping and training the newbies. I'm not even sure what it was that I did eat. Oh, and that was at around 4:00 in the afternoon -- making it about eight hours from the time I had eaten breakfast.

Yes, please break out your teeny-tiny violins and make sympathetic noises for me. It was a long day.

Fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, no running in the morning, no time at night, and my body is already starting to feel those effects.

Today I'm working 6 - 3 -- same for Saturday -- so that means no an early morning runs on those days.

So....two less days this week to practice. Aaaannnnd, there's not much I can do about that. Two and a half more weeks until Thanksgiving, and I'm still planning on doing that 10k.

I have received great words of encouragement from my sisters about being able to complete the Turkey Trot, and I'm sure I will. I do wish I could get some more practice runs in this week, but will be okay with the fact that it won't happen until next week.

The cool thing about goals is that you always have more opportunities to reach them. My mom always used to say, "That's par for the course," meaning "Well, that's just typical of this situation." When I started golfing, I learned that "par" really equals the near-perfection for that hole on the course. Hardly anyone ever gets par, and even rarely gets better than par for the course. I'm not gonna birdie, get par, or probably even get a bogey for my planned amount of practice runs this week. And that? is okay. There's always next week.

Run on.

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