Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time Travel and Ham

I've been thinking about my missed blogging day. I haven't been dwelling on it or anything, but I did receive an email about it that got me thinking.

Reader question: How did you go back in time and take pictures yesterday since today it rained?

Fair question, and an astute one also!

I could actually travel back in time to create a post and date-stamp it with the day I missed. Well, I couldn't do the actual time travel, but I could create the post and pretend I didn't miss a day.

But I did. So I won't.

I was going to write something about some of my favorite theories of time travel, or some books and/or movies that don't do too terrible of a job portraying time travel in a way that offends basic logic (mine). I found an entry on Wikipedia that goes into way more detail than I have energy to think about, so that kind of killed any desire to go into too many details on a subject I obviously know nothing about, other than my own instincts of how the rules of time travel should work, if such a thing were possible. (I actually kind of don't believe in linear time, at least, not in any eternal sense. Time is terribly mortal and constricting, and I don't believe that we will continue to define it in the eternities as we do now. Otherwise "eternity" would cease to have meaning if we try to bind it by our own puny, human definition of time.)

ANYway - I'm glad I took pictures on Saturday of the fall foliage. Because on Sunday it rained! If we had waited a day to take those pictures, the leaves would have been all matted together, brown and nasty, as opposed to the beautiful scenes we were able to see on Saturday.

Speaking of time travel -- if I could, I would travel back in time to Saturday night to correct a mistake I made.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday with friends and family. Everyone contributed to the meal. C made a delicious ham, Linda made two batches of mashed potatoes (creamy and extra creamy), there was frog-eyed salad, green salad, rolls, sweet potato risotto, a corn/broccoli casserole, and three kinds of pie. Mmmmm, pie.

We ate our fill, and sent leftovers home with everyone. Beth was thrilled to get the ham bone, planning on making a ham and lentil soup.

BUT -- Beth left without the ham bone. Luckily, we were meeting up at a play that night, so I made sure to grab the care package out of our fridge. I thought the baggie with the ham bone didn't make it in the bag, so I quickly grabbed what I thought was the baggie containing the ham bone.

What I didn't know was that the bone was already in the care package for Beth. What I put in there as a bonus was all the ham that had been set aside for US.

Sadly, that fact was not made manifest until Sunday afternoon. All day Sunday, C was looking forward to a delicious leftover lunch. She was practically salivating over the thought of having some of that delicious ham.

Which I had given away. Oops.

Sometimes all you can do, since time travel isn't an option, is try to put things right. Sure it was Sunday, but I think I definitely heard that pig oinking in the mire. I procured another ham (though not as delicious as the first one), and all was forgiven.

Who needs HG Wells?

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