Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have put off writing this post all day not because its a difficult subject, but because I got no subject at all. Nuttin'. So is it better to post an entry about nothing for the sake of hitting my goal of blogging each day? Or better to skip a day because there's nothing terribly great to write about?

I was thinking about finding my voice for this blog. It probably seems like I don't focus on any one thing for very long. A friend of mine is a blogger and she wondered if her blog had a voice. I assured her it did because she's a mom and moms by default, have a voice naturally because their time is so consumed with parenting and mothering and family activities.

As a single person, my entries may seem a bit unfocused because my life is never in any steady state. It's a luxury and a curse. I could focus on running because I love it and am gaining so much from it, but then it'd just be another running blog and would lose most of my audience, I imagine.

I might gain another audience, but I'm not sure I want that.

I vowed to myself, and probably even wrote it here, back when I first started a blog, that I would never write for an audience- I'd just write for me. I have to still do that because if I think about who my readers are, my writing gets stilted and awkward. Better for me to just write- steam of consciousness. That's why I titled it what it is- the idea being that this is me - In all my beauty, awkward, sarcastic, spiritual and singleton parts of me - hung out on a clothesline for all to see.

It wasn't until recently it occurred to me that someone might thing that "hung out to dry" means I'm a recovering alcoholic or something. I'm not.

So this is me today. I went to work, I did some grocery and supply shopping for Linda's birthday party tomorrow night, I cleaned the house (27 fling boogie, anyone?), had some dinner, then went to tap class. Pretty boring.

I have a job. A great new job, actually. I've been there all of three months. Woot! I never wrote about the old one because I didn't want to get in trouble by any entertainment company powers that be since I wouldn't have had anything positive to say about it other than the fact it produced a paycheck. I sold a piece of my soul for that job, I think. Working for the devil will do that. Don't misunderstand - I'm not calling the company I worked for evil; the actual person I worked for, reported to, my manager - she's the devil incarnate. Seventh circle of hell. Horrible.

Speaking of voices, there is a wonderful movie called "Little Voice" that I highly recommend.

I don't know what tomorrow's entry will bring. If I have no witty or otherwise sage observations about anything, it'll probably be about running again, I've got a 10 K next week that I've been trying to get ready for.

Talk about hanging it all out there! Me uncensored. You're welcome.

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