Thursday, November 8, 2012

Alien Questions

Here are some random observations I've made while watching the TV series, "Roswell." A show that aired for three seasons from 1999 - 2002, it explores the infamous Roswell crash of 1947, and asks the question, "What would happen if aliens lived among us now?" In their scenario, the aliens are three teenagers, who showed up out of nowhere in the New Mexico desert as young children, were taken in by adoptive parents, and raised as humans with their human bodies, but with alien powers. 

Overall, I like it. It's entertaining. You obviously have to suspend your disbelief to buy into the scenario described above. I'm fine with that. I enjoy a good suspended disbelief as much as the next guy. But there are some things that require explanation even above that.

Where are these kids’ parents? They only show up to cause aconflict, and act all surprised when the kids do something unexpected. “Is thathow we raised you?” they wail inconsolably. Apparently, it is. Absentee parenting– wondering for centuries where they went wrong.

The early 2000s were bad for men’s hair. 

Christmas isn’t Christmas until a Christmas miracle has occurred.Frequently the miracle is snow on Christmas Eve. That’s when you knoweverything’s okay. Any dilemma can be solved by snow on Christmas Eve. Or Christmasmorning. Either way.

I’m so glad the school system is on top of things. Otherthan that one annoying biology teacher who clearly is there because he’s theonly adult with at SAG card, no one really cares about attendance. School isjust a place to have conversations around lockers for expository purposes. Andconveniently, the biology teacher has microscopes in his lab that allow the kids to examine blood samples to see who's human and who's alien.

Whenever someone on a TV show says, “Trust me. We’re thegood guys,” they’re not. EVER.  

Unless…they really ARE the good guys. But then you already know they’re thegood guys because you’ve been watching the show.

Morgan Fairchild, poor thing, forever saddled with the roleof the bad guy. Wait. Does that make her a good guy? But then if she ever saidshe’s the good guy, you’d know she’s the bad guy, so there you have it. Baddie.

Although…what would happen if she just straight up said shewas the BAD GUY? Would that make her good?


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