Thursday, November 22, 2012

Runners' Humor and a Goal

The other day a friend of mine posted on Facebook something that was funny to me as a runner. I started giggling and when I tried to share it with cimblog(tm) and Linda, they were amused that I was amused, but didn't get it. I'm sharing it here because it still cracks me up.

A's Status: Carb loading for my 5K tomorrow.
Comment 1: When my friend ran his first 5K with me he asked if there would be chia seeds and pinole at the aide stations. I died.

A's response: I'm gonna wear my fuel belt.

Comment 2: Don't forget your compression socks.

A's response: I just can't choose between Blox and Gu. I'll just take both.

Comment 3: Add some sports beans for that extra energy boost. Maybe a bit of salt or better yet....a TWINKIE

Laura's comment: I'm carb loading tonight for my 10k next week

That's some good stuff right there, y'all.

So. Thursday. Thanksgiving. Turkey. Turkey Trot. It's here! I am slightly more prepared this year than I was last year. I added some hill training - not consistently, but I did some in the weeks leading up to this. I also added my interval training as I talked about before. That was great and really got my endurance up. I even held a 10:00 minute/mile pace yesterday for 3.2 miles. My usual running pace is right around 9:30, but I can't sustain that for an entire three miles. So I take about a two minute walking recovery at minute 22:00 or so, and that's what puts my average up to the 10 minute mark. It will be interesting to see what I can achieve, pace-wise, for six miles.

I've also done a few more distance runs in preparation than I did last year. Up until last year's race, the longest distance I had run at any given time was five miles, and that was two weeks before the Trot.

I've been telling people in my spin class that my goal is to finish in 65 minutes. Last year my goal was 70 minutes and I finished in 67:58. Not great, but it was ahead of my goal, and that IS great! I figure since I've trained a bit better and more organized-ly this year, and I feel like I'm in better shape, I should be able to shave two minutes off that time, no problem, right?

If I were to be completely honest, my real TRUE goal is actually 60 minutes. I think it's not likely given all the math and equations about my current pace capability, but it's secretly what I'm shooting for. I'll be thrilled to come in under 65 minutes.

Ah, who am I kidding? I'll be thrilled to finish.

Results to come later today.

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