Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's Next?

Well you might ask. I'm still planning on doing the 10K version of the turkey trot next year. I need to do more 10Ks and 5Ks to help me get better at racing and the atmosphere of it. Maybe some day I'll be ready for a half-marathon. Someday, yes.

What else? How about a fund-raising bike ride for the fight against cancer? Yes, that's definitely on my list. It means gearing my training routine more towards bike riding now than running. I'll still keep running- that's more of how I identify myself than as a cyclist. That may change too. But I've got big plans for next June- 140 miles from Delta, Utah to Salt Lake City ... In one day. Possible? Of course not. But it will be fun to try. We may actually do the 75-mile version, which still raises the same amount of money and is twice as easy on a saddle-sore butt.

I was part of the support group for my sister who did the 140 version last year. I loved playing that role, but hated that she didn't have anyone on the actual road, pedaling side by side with her for support in that area.. That's why I'm doing it - I love my sister and I hate cancer. I can't think of two better reasons to do that.

I'm also excited because for as many life lessons, allegories and gospel principles I gain from running, I'm looking I forward to learning new ways of learning about life and the gospel from becoming a cyclist.

Stay tuned.

For now, here's the video I made of my sister during the Huntsman 140 this past June.

Shoot. I can't get the embedded feature to work, or am too tired to figure it out on a mobile device. Here's the link. I'll embed it later.

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