Monday, August 26, 2013

Saw It on Pinterest: Christmas Lights Lamp

I think this is one of the first things I pinned, way back in the day. Maybe that's why I can't find it on any of my boards now? You'll just have to take my word for it, I suppose. It came from a website with lighting ideas for dorm rooms. I figured it would be simple enough for even me to do, because it involved a string of Christmas tree lights and a jar. It would take effort to screw it up. The only reason it took me so long to actually do was needing to find the right jar.

I finally got around to that when Cost Plus/Pier 1 Imports/World Market had a 50% sale on jars. This one was categorized as a hurricane jar, and if I didn't have the idea of throwing a string in lights in there, I would probably be using it for a spare change jar. I also wouldn't have gotten it if it weren't half off. I mean, it's a cute idea, but you don't want to spend money on this. It's a $5 string of Christmas lights, fer cryin' in the night.

Verdict: Good. I'm sure someone more artistically inclined than I could creatively arrange the lights in there so it's not a clump, but you've got me and my skills, so this is the result. I have it plugged into a timer so it's already on when I get home from work, and it's the perfect amount of light to have in so I'm not walking into a dark room. 


  1. Check you out... I didn't know I was reading a craft blog!

  2. laura! you're so crafty! i really like this...what's next?!?