Wednesday, August 14, 2013

POTUS: My View

The President made local news in my area last week since he visited my neighborhood. I didn't take notice of it except that it affected my drive home. He was making an appearance at The Tonight Show, which films a block away from where I work. Local street access was severely limited (aka completely blocked) for all the obvious security reasons. This meant I had to drive a very long way out of my way to make the three mile drive home. Poor me, right?

Some people I know lined the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Another friend could see the entourage from her window at work.

This was my view of him as he took a helicopter from LAX to the NBC studios in Burbank:

What's that, you say? You can't see it through my rain/dirt-spattered sun roof?  How's this:

Yep, the President of the United States flew RIGHT OVER ME, you guys! 



  1. Is that a monsters inc logo I see?

    1. Good eye, Nancy! I didn't even notice that. Yes, it's my phone case. Cool, huh?