Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poking the Crazy

LJP: So this morning MNB (My New Boss) asked me for a list of things I need her help with to complete my project. I said, "Oh, Scott (My Cool New Boss) and I have been keeping a list." Which, I knew she would hate that I brought him into it

Cimblog(tm): Heh. Don't poke the crazy!

LJP: She said, snittily, "Is it electronic or on a whiteboard?"

I said, "Whiteboard."

She said, "I need it electronic." So I talked to Scott about it. We decided which things I would send for just my list and which he would add later. I sent her the email, cc:ed him on it. Then he sent HIS email which is... are you ready? Cuz it's awesome:

A PICTURE of the whiteboard

Then he IMed me and said, "Just trying to keep it light" O:-)

Cimblog(tm): hahahahahahahahaha

LJP: We're BOTH poking the crazy

Cimblog(tm): doooooon't poke the craaaaazy

LJP: Because you know what? Leave it to me to find the crazy bosses. Jackie, Carol, Vivi -- sheesh -- I've had them. Kinda scary that the craziest ones are WOMEN.

Cimblog(tm): ha!! You. Are. A. Magnet.
Cimblog(tm): hehehe...but i love that she asked you if you need a project

LJP: Yeah, that one came back to bite me in the butt, didn't it? Sheesh!

Cimblog(tm): heeee. You should have said, "Oh, are you saying I can't talk on the phone while I'm working??"

LJP: eeeeek! That's beyond poking the crazy! That's downright shoving the crazy into a giant hole!

Cimblog(tm): "Oh,Ii didn't realize i wasn't allowed to use the phone."

LJP: This whole control freak thing though -- I can see that it's based in emotions for her stemming from ALL her insecurities.

Cimblog(tm): Yikes

LJP: Because I KNOW she was stewing about it all night and wishing she had controlled it better

Cimblog(tm): poke

LJP: Because this MORNING (you knew there was going to be a P.S.), she rattled off her list of things for me to do -- in her irritated tone of voice -- not even trying to reach for the fake happy one, then brought up the phone thing again.

Cimblog(tm): she DIIIIIIID??

LJP: Only THIS time, had a list of LOGICAL reasons as to why I shouldn't do that. So I know that she reacts emotionally, then goes and thinks about things and reasons in her mind why it was okay to react emotionally

Cimblog(tm): She reacts without thinking and then has to come up with reasons why she reacted that way

LJP: Then uses those reasons, those reasons based in emotion -- to justify her behavior and rationalize her point of view with REASONS

Cimblog(tm): What were her "reasons?"

LJP: It's distracting to other people. I was like, REALLY????

Cimblog(tm): For you to be on the phone? EVERYONE is on the phone!

LJP: Have you HEARD the riff raff around here? We have the loudest people here too --

Cimblog(tm): hahaha, totally

LJP:Yeah, so that was her reason.

Cimblog(tm): Uh...that is a bad reason.

LJP: I can use my "breaks and lunches" to take personal calls AWAY from my desk

Cimblog(tm): You should have said "that was my break. " heeee. SHOVE

LJP: Oooooh, you're digging the hole for the crazy to live in, aren't you? STOP MAKING ME POKE THE CRAZY!

Cimblog(tm): hahahahaha I caaaaaan't heeeeeeelp it


  1. Seriously, I can't help it!! [shove]

  2. Ahahahaha. I don't know what this is all about, but it was hilarious.