Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

Back story - a nice guy at work brings bananas for everyone. Well, not EVERYone, but he brings a lot of bananas, a bunch of them, if you will, and gives them to people. I sit right outside his office, and he likes me, so I get one just about every day. His name is Steve.

I had to apologize to C for delaying an IM response: "Someone came by to chastise me for having bananas on my desk."
C: whaaa?

EllJayPea: Well, you know Steve the banana guy. He frequently isn't here on Fridays. And he likes me, so he gives me two bananas on Thursdays. So there are 2 bananas on my desk, and a woman walked by, saw them there, stopped, backed up, picked one up, waggled it at me and said, "These are SO bad for you!"
She then proceeded to tell me that she has started juicing

C: Oh brother....

EllJayPea: So she was putting 1/2 banana in each "juice,"and she gained weight. She cut the bananas out, and can already tell a difference.

CinniMinion: Yeah, okay crazy juicer lady

EllJayPea: 1. I am busy, on my lunch, with my back to the aisle. Leave me alone;

EllJayPea: 2. Don't look at my desk and think you need to lecture me about stuff on it;

EllJayPea: 3. Shaddap;

EllJayPea: 4. I think you have "juicing" confused with "smoothy-ing."

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