Friday, April 4, 2014

Conference Challenge

As I left my exercise session with my friend on Wednesday, we were chatting about watching conference. Recognizing it's challenging sometimes to stay awake, and both cognizant of individual goals to become more physically fit, she suggested that each time a certain word is said, we do a pushup or something similar. Together, we agreed on four words and an exercise to do each time one of those words is mentioned. Feel free to join in, if you'd like.

Atonement = 1 push up
Jesus (or any derivative) = 1 squat
Book of Mormon = 1 tricep dip
Joseph Smith = 30 count plank

One friend points out it will be difficult to take notes, but knowing myself as I do, at least I won't have my attention directed elsewhere (iPad, Facebook, etc.) so will be listening more than I might be otherwise.

(For those who may read this and aren't aware of what this "conference" is that I'm talking about, twice a year, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints get to hear from a living prophet, apostles, and other leaders of the church. Here's a little video that introduces what it is:)


  1. I'm in! I think I'll keep track and report on my blog tomorrow. Great idea!

  2. Saturday Report:
    Morning session: should have done more than 50 squats, but I only did about 48. A couple of planks, and 5 or 10 each of the dips and push-ups.
    Afternoon session: Sleep won out. The couch with a big comforter was just so warm and cozy. I heard bits and pieces, you know, but will have to catch up on the details later.

  3. Great challenge! And I'm glad I didn't realize you'd posted this until now, after the last session is over...

  4. Jim's nieces who are attending school at BYU came over and watched Conference with us today. Bethany took the challenge to heart and did it all. But Jim complained because she and I doing all the squats was distracting. So I quit doing them while she did them with her finger, haha. But she did the planks and the dips and the push-ups. That one talk this morning about the Prophet Joseph Smith--that one got her good! :-)