Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where to Bike

It's still about three months away, but I'm excited about the Huntsman 140 that I will be participating in with two if my sisters while another sister and other family members serve as support members. (I'm very grateful in advance for those people.)

We sisters have been emailing back and forth about it, setting schedules and making plans for that weekend. We've also been sharing training progress and goals. My sister who did the ride last year bought top-of-the-line bike shorts for us other two. I know I'll be deeply appreciative of those too after 7+ hours in the saddle.

Yes, excitement is building. I received a donation yesterday that put me over the top of my $500 goal (but that doesn't mean I'll stop fundraising!) so I've earned the official H140 jersey for 2013.

But before I can fully concentrate on the necessary training for the ride, I have one more milestone- my half-marathon this Saturday. I'll be glad when its over so that I can focus on the thing that we're all buzzing about, but I am still very much focused on completing that in my goal pace time. Another entry soon about that when I'm not relegated to typing with my thumbs on my phone.

To prepare for the H140, I ordered this book which arrived yesterday. It will be an important part of my training toolkit as I start doing actual riding, not just spin classes.

Also, last night I went to an Imagine Dragons concert. Some of you first heard of them when I made a video of last year's H140 ride. When they started playing their big hit, I thought of that ride and my sister. Against the bouncer's will, I was able to snag a short little video of them performing one of the songs I used in that video.

I got an email from that sister yesterday which said, in part, "By the way, I keep hearing from people that they're expecting another video this year with cool music. I don't know how you're going to pull that off, but I thought you'd like to know."

I am already making plans to make that happen. No worries.

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