Friday, February 22, 2013

Sacre Couer - Paris Day 2

At the museum, I asked for metro directions on getting to the Basilique de Sacre Couer. In hindsight, they were slightly shady. They got us there, but it seems to have been the back way. On the other hand, we got to see sights we wouldn't have otherwise, so there's that. (There's a parable in there somewhere.)

When we came out of the metro station, we heard church bells ringing. It wasn't the same church we were looking for, but it was lovely also. 

In that church's backyard, we found this interesting tiled wall. Imagine the outside wall of your house. That's about how big this is. We called it "The Love Wall," because it seems to have "I Love You" written in just about every language imaginable.

As seemed to be the theme of our trip, before we could get to our destination, there were stairs to climb.

Lots and lots of stairs.

Then some more stairs. I thought this street sign declaring this to be the Road to Calvary was particularly apt.

We knew we were roughly in the same neighborhood as the Moulin Rouge, but this was the closest thing to it that we saw:

Then, finally, in the distance, there it is!

Another plaza to walk through, a few more streets to circumnavigate, and finally, we have arrived. 

Historically speaking, this chapel is new. It is in the Montemarte district - the highest point in Paris - and construction finished in 1914. No photos were allowed indoors, but it is every bit as impressive as Notre Dame in its own right. 

We took the "front" way down, which meant a funicular ride down a rather steep two-three block hill. We had no idea where we were by this point, but the streets were happily crowded in a friendly, non-threatening way. Cinnamon found a chocolate shop. If chocolate sculpting is a thing, these guys were experts. 

I spent way more Euros than anyone has a right to spend on chocolate, and did not regret one cent. Sadly, I did not purchase the piano or ship - just some chocolate baubles. Some chocolate heaven, is what it was.

We found a cafe for dinner, and watched some snow fall. Snow! One more stop to round out our Paris sightseeing - Arc d'Triomphe.

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