Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympics Stories NBC Isn't Showing You, Part 2

Here's another story you'll probably never see covered on NBC. She's not American, she's in an obscure sport, and she's pregnant - three reasons we'll probably never hear more about her. Nur Suryani Mohamad Taibi is eight months pregnant making her Olympic debut in the 10-meter air rifle event. She is also the first woman to represent Malaysia in Olympic shooting.

Nur Suryani Mohamad Taibi - London 2012 Olympics: pregnant Malaysian shooter Nur Suryani Mohamad Taibi going for an historic gold

Pregnant athletes have competed at the Olympics before, but Nur Suryani will be the nearest to giving birth. Her biggest concern about this is that the baby won't kick when she pulls the trigger. To be able to compete, she is required to still squeeze her very pregnant body into a heavy body suit and jacket worn by all the competitors to provide stability.

How did she do you ask? She placed 34th out of 56 shooters.

When asked if she felt any pain during the morning's competition, Suryani cocked her head, raised her eyebrows, and answered the question with one of her own: "Is it pregnant women will feel pain?" The gaggle of male journalists suddenly stupefied into silence, Suryani responded to herself. "I don't think so," she said, "or, not yet." (Sports Illustrated.)

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