Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympics Stories NBC Isn't Showing You

I LOVE the Olympics! I have since I was a kid. Back in the day, there was only prime-time coverage available. As technology has advanced, there are more ways to watch the Olympics. I have tried to not look at Facebook or other online sources so as to not avoid getting spoiled - I wanted to watch the coverage in my own timezone, savoring each moment.

NBC has let me down. They spend more time covering the 1996 USA women's gymnastics team than any of the other countries' teams for 2012. There's also apparently this guy named Michael Phelps who's winning a few medals.

Thanks, NBC. 1996 was 16 years ago, and Michael Phelps has been winning medals for three Olympics. We know about him, how much he eats, what size shoe he wears -- everything. I don't need another biopic on him.

I could go on and on, but it just makes me frustrated. (I have started watching more events during the day on my portable devices, though, knowing that table tennis, shooting and synchronized swimming will not get covered during prime time because the USA doesn't have any medal contenders in those sports.)

So here's an interesting story you may not know about because NBC, who maintains exclusive rights to USA Olympics viewers, isn't showing you:

South Korean fencer Shin A-Lam provided one of the indelible images of the 2012 London Olympics when she staged an hour-long, tearful protest after losing to Germany’s Britta Heidemann in an individual epee semifinal match. Shin’s coach claimed Heidemann’s winning hit came after the final second on the clock, which was being controlled by a 15-year-old British volunteer, had elapsed. Shin was required to stay on the piste while the judges considered–and ultimately rejected–her appeal. After Shin lost the bronze-medal match, the International Fencing Federation offered her a special consolation medal, which she reportedly refused.

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