Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Other OTHER Big News in Burbank

You may have heard that it snowed yesterday in Burbank. Yes, snowed. Burbank. Los Angeles-adjacent. Snow. The last time that happened was in 1949, so I guess you could say it was due.

Here I am making a snow angel:

But the thing that really captured my attention happened right outside our door. We live right next door to a freeway onramp for a major interstate (can you live next"door" to a thing that doesn't have doors?). We frequently hear, besides normal traffic sounds (huge motorcycle engines, truck brakes, horns honking, squealing tires) all sorts of things you dread hearing, let alone being involved in. For example, when the squeal of the brakes is quickly followed by a loud thump-bump-crash-bang-THUD. That's the sound you don't want to hear.

We hear that sound a lot. And have gone up the onramp (or offramp, depending on the direction) several times to offer assistance.

Last night we didn't have to go very far to offer assistance. One driver was starting to make a left turn onto the freeway onramp and met someone else going straight. The guy going straight somehow did a complete u-turn and ended up on the sidewalk in front of our house, facing the opposite direction, neatly parallel parked between a light post and fire hydrant.

Needless to say, both cars were disabled, and traffic patterns were quickly frustrated on our usually busy street.

Here are some photos from the night's events

(Don't you like my mad Photoshop skilz in blacking out the license plate numbers?)

Seriously -- I have no idea how he managed to avoid all property other damage other than probably some tire marks on the wet grass. Pretty amazing.

Best part of the night? Chatting with the very good looking Burbank firemen!

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  1. Wow! Wow for the snow, and wow for your front yard. I'm glad you are all safe!!