Sunday, July 29, 2007

God Works in Mysterious Ways, or

...."Why I Probably Need to Get A New Exercise Bra" or

"Yeah, Not Quite As Well-Endowed As I Thought"

A friend of mine was over at my house the other day. She used her cell phone, then I noticed that she stuck it back in her bra. At least, that's what it looked like. So I asked her, "Did you just put that phone back in your bra?" because I'm nothing if not subtle. She confirmed that's what she had done and said it stayed in there really well and that's where she put it when she goes running.

Huh, I thought to myself, because I don't bring my cell phone with me when I go running, but I could see why that might be a good idea.

On Friday night I had a chance to see how well this idea works for me. I was going to go for a run, and since it was nighttime -- I usually go running in the morning, which doesn't cause me that much concern for my personal safety -- so it seemed like a good idea to have a cell phone with me. I tucked it into the side of my bra by the shoulder strap, put my iPod headphones in and took off.

After a bit, I noticed that the phone was slipping around a bit, but the bra was doing its elastic-y best to keep me and the phone in their proper places. At one point I noticed that it had moved over to the center, and it seemed to be nicely wedged between the girls and I thought for sure it would be totally safe there.

At one point my iPod died, but intrepid girl that I am, I kept right on going. It bugged me though, because it should have had a pretty good charge to it since I had only used it for an hour the day before at the gym.

A little less than halfway through the run, I turned down a side street. Since it was a bit darker there than on the main street, I figured it would be safe to make sure I knew where my phone was. I put my hand to its last known location and it wasn't there. No biggie, I thought; that just means that it's moved back to the side. Nope, not there either. Now both hands are in the action -- checking the back strap, the side straps, the under strap -- no phone. I was a little panicked, thinking that since it was so dark and a lot of grassy areas, busy intersections, etc., depending on where I had lost it, it might be smashed, or worse -- someone else may have seen it and picked it up and was now having a grand old time calling Jakarta ... or wherever it is that phone thieves call. I was already imagining having to get a new phone, cancel this one, trying to remember what the last legitimate call was that I had made and received -- you know -- all that good panicky stuff you go through when something like that is lost.

I figured it had to have fallen out before my iPod died, otherwise I would have heard it fall out, so I turned around and started retracing my steps. I kept a sharp lookout for it just in case, but didn't think it would show up before that point. Sure enough, when I got to the intersection that I had passed just before the death of the iPod, there was the phone laying in the street. The back cover had fallen off and the battery was about a foot away, but once I put it all back together and turned it on, it worked just fine.

It seemed dumb at that point to have gotten mad about the iPod when it stopped working. If it hadn't, I never would have had any clue about where to begin looking for my phone. So God does work in mysterious ways, even if it is to protect dumb people like me from permanently losing their phones.

The other lessons learned:

I am not as well-endowed as my friend and thinking that my bra is a good place for my phone was dumb.

...Or I could just get a new bra that fits better. I'd be willing to try the experiment again, but with more caution about making sure I know where the phone is. Hard to do that without looking like you're groping yourself, though.

Pockets. Yeah, pockets. That works.

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