Friday, March 28, 2014

H140 Training Update: Tomorrow's Plan

Here's a Map My Ride map of my planned ride for tomorrow. 

Twenty-three miles up to Santa Clarita ("up" = north) to the turn off that goes to Ventura. Why is that important? Because I'm planning on going to Ventura on April 19 - roughly 72 miles one way. I will not be making that return trip on my bike. But tomorrow, 23 miles up, 23 miles back. That should be a good boost in getting ready for 72 miles in three weeks. And then 100 miles three weeks after that. 

Meanwhile, I continue grinding away at it on a daily basis: 
  • Monday morning:  run 3-4 miles
  • Monday evening:  weights/cross-training with friend
  • Tuesday morning:  bike ride to friend's house, weight/cross-training, bicycle home
  • Wednesday morning: run 3-4 miles
  • Wednesday evening: weights/cross-training with friend
  • Thursday morning: bike ride to friend's house, weight/cross-training, bicycle home
  • Thursday evening: hour tap dance class
  • Friday morning: run 3-4 miles
  • Saturday: long bike ride

No, it's not ideal, and I'm not putting in probably nearly enough hours and miles to be ready for 140 miles in one day. Instead, I am stupidly (naively?) betting on the fact that long Saturday rides will build my endurance and the indisputable fact that I am extraordinarily stubborn and willing to push myself and know how to endure.

That's my formula for success - Stupidity x Stubborness = Success. I guess that means S2 = S.


  1. Oh my goodness! Are you crazy, or amazing, or both? Acrazing?!?

  2. Nice - good luck on your ride tomorrow. I hope you will tell us about it.

  3. Sounds like you've got a plan and you're going for it. I hope your ride today went well for you, and, like Neva said, please tell us about it. I think you're doing great!