Thursday, February 20, 2014

H140: Training Attack Plan

Some of the obstacles I need to overcome
  • Soft bicycling butt
  • Shortened endurance since last year
  • Overall conditioning
  • Stupid periformis muscle

Plan of Attack
  • Resume weekly rides
  • Cross training plan to increase regular runs, including fartleks to increase speed and endurance
  • Be more consistent in time and energy strength training sessions. In other words, do it instead of finding reasons to not be as focused or distracted by Facebook or TV
  • Continue with the exercises and stretches I learned in physical therapy to keep the periforis muscle injury-free

What I’ve Done So Far
Last week I put my bike into the mag trainer I purchased last year but haven’t used yet. After 45 minutes, I remembered why starting spin classes are so hard. My butt was not used to that! And I found that I’ve lost a lot of my cycling legs. 

On Monday, a holiday, I went on a 20-mile ride. There were some good climbs thrown in my route for good measure, but not so much that I had to give up. I still have some work to do to get back up to my climbing ability I had last year, but it will come back, probably sooner than I initially thought. 

I put a clarion call out on Facebook to see if any of my local friends wanted to train with me. I’ve traditionally set aside Tuesday and Thursday mornings, my non-running days, for some strength training at home, but with no one to be responsible to, find it too easy to under-train and make excuses for not pushing myself as far as I know I should and could go. Two friends responded, and so I have added a Tuesday and Thursday morning workout with one friend, and Monday and Wednesday evenings with another. We will focus on weight/strength training, and some circuit-type stuff. Today was my first day on that new schedule. It will be good, and they’ve expressed appreciation too at having someone to be accountable with/to. 

Coming Up
In addition to everything else, nother bike ride on Saturday. I’m shooting for a 30-miler this time around.