Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How the Government Shutdown Is Affecting Me Personally, and a Resolution

EllJayPea: so one of the affects of the government shut down? NO PANDA CAM
CinniMinion: WHAT [stomps]
EllJayPea: they're still taking care of the animals, but the zoo is shut down, and so is the camera
CinniMinion: ooooo. Now i'm just mad
EllJayPea: hahaha. Now it's PERSONAL
CinniMinion: National Zoo Panda Cam Will Be Turned Off, Along With Our Happiness, In Federal Government Shutdown
EllJayPea: LOL
That's borking. It's not my baby butterstick
EllJayPea: That panda is clearly dead
CinniMinion: Or stuffed
That one is blinking and twitching its ears. BUT IT NOT MY BABY BUTTERSTICK
EllJayPea: Why is it so bright at 1:18 in the morning???? (referring to the twitching ears panda)
Oh, it's not a LIVE feed.
CinniMinion: This is clearly on a loop
EllJayPea: They're asleep.
CinniMinion: IT SAID LIVE
EllJayPea: Cuz sometimes it IS
CinniMinion: Well for heaven's sake. If this is not live, couldn't they show a BETTER DAMN CLIP?!?!
EllJayPea: They're just happy theirs doesn't look Dead or STUFFED
CinniMinion: HA!
CinniMinion: twitch twitch
EllJayPea: loop loop
CinniMinion: I am going to use my extra day off and go to DC and balance their damn budget and MAKE THEM TURN ON MY PANDA CAM
EllJayPea: I just don't understand why no one in Washington has SEEN Dave yet. If they all just watched that movie....or if they watched the FREAKING PANDA CAM, they wouldn't hate each other and would want to have a budget resolution.
CinniMinion: All they need to do is watch a baby panda and a mother panda and they would have a damn balanced budget.
EllJayPea: They'd be all, Hey, Tom ( R) from Minnesota, I'm Harry (D ) from California. I love you, man. I saw the pandas. How can we hate each other with Baby Butterstick in the world? Let's settle this budget thing once and for all.
CinniMinion: RIGHT??!!!
EllJayPea: I think so, yes.
CinniMinion: Not all "THEY'VE LOST THEIR MINDS" said Tom (D) from Nevada.
EllJayPea: Freaking Tom from Nevada.
CinniMinion: Damn him. He hates pandas.
CinniMinion: [PUNCH]
EllJayPea: He's THE DEVIL
EllJayPea: And I think you meant to say [THROAT punch]
CinniMinion: Everyone in the room
CinniMinion: BAM BAM BAM BAM
EllJayPea: Yes!
CinniMinion: Senators doubled over everywhere
EllJayPea: hi YA!
EllJayPea: You're like Kung Fu Panda because you're Kung Fu-ing FOR the Pandas
CinniMinion: Me: Now turn on the damn panda cam an no one else will get hurt." /end scene

EllJayPea: Turn on the panda cam AND watch it for 24 hours

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