Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moby Dick

We went whale watching on Saturday. We saw a mama whale and her calf. The captain of our boat was very good to tell us which side of the boat to look (and used non-nautical terms like "to the left, or 1:00," as opposed to port and starboard for all us landlubbers. Besides the two grey whales, we saw a dolphin, a shark (basking shark), and he took us out to a buoy to have a gander at all the sea lions doing their own basking.

This is the dolphin we saw as we were headed to the whale site. He frolicked for a good long while, swimming underneath the boat, as though he were leading us to where we needed to be. Very cool.

Here's the first sighting of the whale. Too far off to see anything than the puff of water from her blowhole.

Look how close they're getting to that scuba diving boat!

And can you imagine being that guy on that paddle board? "Whale. WHALE!"

I'm pretty sure that's both the mama and the calf together. Generally the baby would surface first for some air, followed a few moments later by its mama.


  1. Very, very cool. So tell me more about the guy on the paddle boat and those in the scuba diving boat. Were they in danger by being so close to the whales? Were they out there intentionally to look at the whales? Just curious.

  2. Wow - GREAT shots. That is sure CLOSE to a beach for a whale.

    Where was this? Don't tell me "Florida"...