Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dummies, Part II

The executive (I would call him the "dumb executive," but that would be redundant and repetitive) I spoke of below just sent an email about...oh, it doesn't matter what it was about. What matters is that it's yet another email from yet another dumb person that just riles me up, because he acts like he knows all the answers, but the only reason he knows anything about this particular subject is because the past four weeks of my work life have been spent trying to figure it out for idiots like him.

ANYway. I was laughing about it, because what else can you do? It doesn't help to get mad, frustrated or cry. I turned to the intern that sits outside of my office, and I said, "Riddle me this. Perhaps 12 years of working in this environment has made it so that I can't see answers as clearly as you may be able to, being new and eager and all that rot. Why is it that only dumb people seem to get promoted and get promoted quickly?"

She thought for about two seconds and said, "Because dumb people don't want anyone smarter than them working for them."

What a brilliant insight! And from a 21-year old, too.

I hope, though, that this doesn't mean that as I get older and more jaded I get dumber. This is why I don't want to get promoted or go into management -- I'm afraid of the mandatory labotomy.

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